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Friday, May 13, 2011

Just for the sake of writing....

Umm....long time no see right?
Sorry. But first take my flurries of gratitude "xoxoxoxox"s for even bothering with my blog.
Hang on a month more. I have my sems, then my GRE on 30 June and TOEFL on 9th July so my absence here has to be excused please. I promise I shall be back with another of my ragged insane posts on 30June or 9th July.
I have my grand big-daddy viva tomorrow (21st may), that's supposedly going to cover every core subject in our syllabus right uptil 8th sem. Am I tensed? Even knowing the fact that I probably know nothing except the mundane V=I*R and there are two marshallah externals coming up? And also that I am the only one in the class who is doing her project solo? Nyaaaahhh!!!!
I am boring away at my presentation though. And getting high.......courtesy Floyds, Beatles and Zepplins and Linkin Park and Lavignes and Jal. Though I'd say the person who says LP is crap and accuses them of plagiarism is an absolute schmuck and all I want to do is thrash him/her up, still I'd have to thank this schmuck today for reminding me of these classics. For now I realise there cant be a better companion for tonight. Ummm........everything is so perfect right now I want to freeze it. The weather is awesome: eerily windy, cool, drizzling....that addictive smell of the first rain on earth (why the hell dont they try to bottle it?)..... and a distance thundering....that lends more cadence to these classic songs. Goldy is lying by my feet, his head on my toes and Toto on the other side of my chair, happily withdrawn into his shell. And my super yummy strong coffee!! Superb Bliss! Inspite of that viva tomorrow....
Yeah and we had a nice storm today. The kind I love. Loud thundering, torrential rain. Raw, Wild, Pure Power.....well something as beautiful as rain deserves an orchestration, right? Well the only problem is that a bolt of lightening felt so close to our house, it blew away my room's fan, the shock waves cracked 2 glass panes and my CFL too :-/
I have to stop now or else I will go on and on about it. I actually wrote something on it but thought it too stupid to post. I mean your's face is all distorted now and you want to say, "Ankita, there's better things to write about than some hackneyed occurrences" right?
And A few days back I went through my blog and the posts seemed so amateurish, maudlin and so lacking of gravity, I actually thought twice about ripping off my blog totally. And then I thought, no let it be. This is me. If a painfully inane thing pleases me, I cant help it. Maybe some years later when I am caught up in the rat-race (whatever you and I say, its inevitable), when all that starts mattering to me is my pay-check (Heaven Forbid), maybe these inane posts will remind me of what I was, of how I was still satisfied when I didn't give a damn to money, of how there's more and beyond to life than some 10-5 job....of the time when I was really really happy.....
What the fell! What am I writing???? I am sure as usual it doesn't make sense. I am not to blame! Its 4.30 and I cant be expected to make sense anyway.
So here goes my 10mins of break time. Got to get back to work.
And by the way I have my farewell too tomorrow and I am most probably not going. Two reasons:
1) The dress code is saree. Me and Saree!!!! If not a major warddrobe malfunction, I am sure going to trip and fall and make a large hole in it. No bloody way!!!
2) Goodbyes are a beyotch! I hate them. I'd rather not go than feel shitty about it for a week and wet my pillows


  1. hey babe, u r indeed a complete package, good in studies, good in looks, good in anchoring, good in humor and finally good in writing blogs..awesum u r!!keep it up!!

  2. Hey..
    All the best for your GRE and TOEFL...
    hope you score welll..

    Good Luck!!!

  3. Nothing much to say on this... :P
    Just, All the Best and stay sane throughout...!!!