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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

All About Being 21!!!!

(should have been published on 12th)
I am almost embarrassed to write again. When I started this blog, I promised to be regular about it and so here I am, almost a month later!!
Nope, i wasn't busy. And I certainly didn't have "proper muse" issues. Just that I had too much thinking to do (umm....and too many FB apps to try out). This year has been somewhat incredible. Life was a cruel teacher and why not? I realise now I had to learn certain things before I turned 21, things that challenged and changed my so very stupid maxims. I am saving the details now, in case someday I become a huge celeb, "successful" enough to lose the last of my wits and pen down a "tell-all". Hah, what a PJ!! ;)
So finally, I turned 21, the magical age for me. I believed this age certified real maturity, sincerity, real understanding, real blah-blah....maybe because I am out of the decade that bracketed my schooling years and have moved over to the "job" decade. So am I mature now? Hell knows! All I know, I'd happily make faces and stick out my tongue behind my boss' back, even after 8 years from now! But anyways I am happier than usual, I am "biiiiiiiig" now and my birthday was perfect
I skip into my parents' room and declare "I am finally a grown-up now, yiipppeeee"
Ma chuckles "Indeed....will you really ever grow up?"
Pa gives off an exaggerated laugh, "Tell that to me after you clean your room all by yourself"
But then he sighs and says "True, you have grown up too fast, If I had my wish, I'd forever freeze you in your KG age"
Ugh. And learn cat,bat,mat over and over again?? No ways!!! But I give them a hug anyway and skip out.
I call up my bro next
"Bhai, I am 21!!", I almost scream, hysterically happy.
"So, does that make any difference? You will be the same I know"
I slam down the phone
Then someone comments next "I cant believe you are 21, you are more like a teen"
I hear that from most callers on my birthday.
I start sulking. Noone takes me seriously!!!
A girl-friend also exclaims "Anki, you are getting older and you are happy??"
Darn right I am!! I don't care about getting old and wrinkly and all. I just want to fast forward life and unwrap all surprises it has in store for me!!!!
21 means being so responsible. It is my last year of BTech and I have to seriously give a thought about how to shape my life next
And that reminds me this conversation between a friend and me, too interesting to be skipped out. I might add, he was preparing for CAT before going for his internship at Bangalore. This took place after he returned
F: I am like really confused and don't know what to do.
I: What's up?
F: Hard to explain. Its like......I was in love with a girl before I came to bangalore but now I like somebody else
I: Keep the new one
F: You don't understand!! I feel like a casanovist. And I really cant get over the previous one and its hampering my relationships with the current one
I: My advice: dump both, go for the firangi chick, seems best now
F: Good one.... I think I will

Mom sees this convo and exclaims: "F is with a girl?? And who is this foreign girl in the picture??"
I grinned, "Ma, its an engineer's analogy. No real girls. Girl before bangalore is MBA, after it is MTECH and the foreign one is MS. Happens. An internship can scramble your brains and suddenly make you fall in love with engineering."
See? See? I told you 21 is such a serious age!! Career decisions now start substituting real babes in conversations!!
And see? I told you I did not have "muse" issues. I can blab on about a stupid age!!
But now I am really dead. While I was blogging, Goldy sneaked up behind me and licked my Soft Computing book. Its corner is now almost dripping wet and dog-eared. And its a library book!!!!!!!!!!!! Major oops!! Lets see if being 21 gives me the intelligence too to concoct a nice excuse and somehow save my skin from that Vampire-Hitler (parents please read 'Librarian')!!!
Till my next post, KR n KS!!