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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Just a Normal day......

(written on 17th september, posted on 20th)
This time I was having serious muse issues. Nope, life was happening as usual, but should I dare to reveal any of it here, it would leave behind a trail of suicides and my dead body. Ok fine, the first part of that was exaggerated!! Another major hindrance in blogging was my state of shock over the new species of personalities who have taken to reading my blog- people I classify as A-category (A as in adults). So now I have to take care to tone down my expletives, speak sensibly and intelligibly and draw-at most, tactful tangents to sensitive topics like my college teachers. The very essence of blogging has disappeared (get used to my habit of dramatizing things!!! Winkie!!!)
So what do I write about? The CWG fiasco? Nah, the papers have done that a lot already! That match-fixing? Naxals? I strike a line through all these. Instead, I think I will write a detailed account of what I did today. And should you, reader, by your honest discretion, belong to my A-list, I would like to assure you that this isn't what I do normally everyday, I just wasn't in the mood to study on this fine day!!
05.30---I woke up, to my player blaring out an eminem number into my ears and the remote-control clutched tightly in my hands (yep, papa and I have so different opinions about what to watch, except when its the football season, that we fight over that instrument and guard it like a crystal skull!!). I stared dumbly at the TV- some movie was being aired with a gun-happy guy shooting everyone around him. Not again!! I had slept off on the couch with the TV still on. I tiptoed to the TV, switched it off and plonked down on the couch again. Then it slowly dawned on me that I had my internals tomorrow (today was an off) and I wasn't even aware of the syllabus!! I got cold feet until I realised its Power-Station-Engineering and Environmental. Hah!! Piece of cake! So I hugged my pillow and fell asleep again. The next I woke up, it was-
08.45!!!!---Papa was laying down the breakfast and saying something like " You have your exam tomorrow, how can you sleep so much?"
A major problem with me is, as I pointed out before, I dont have that emotion barrier around me when I am sleepy. Along with that, I tend to be tactlessly honest too!! So I blurt out- "Exams? Nope! Stupid ints. Time-waste". That was my first mistake. Papa, being in the teacing profession himself, takes these things quite seriously. He started off about my callous attitude and that;s when I commit my second sin...
"Pause", I said, "You are hyped about ints. Anyway, I need a book. For tomorrow. Environmental. Resume now"
Definitely wrong timing! I do not remember what papa said next, for I was too too sleepy-my eyes were actually closed and my head lolled over the back of my chair as I munched my sandwiches. I even dozed off twice! If papa is in a good mood, he affectionately shakes me awake, if not, its his sppon that jabs off my sleep. And today? Well, lets say I was lucky there weren't forks or a knives nearby (joking, BTW :P)
{Henceforth, the post is being updated real-time}
09.00---Papa leaves for college and I happily retreat to my bed, setting the alarm for 9.25. I also text my BFF(once again, that means best friends forever) to wake me up in 15mins. And when I woke up, it was---
10.15---I had snoozed 15 times! I called up BFF and hollered- "Why didn't you wake me up, Jerk (censorised)?" and BFF replies- " I fell asleep too". One big sleepyhead family we all are!
{the book was finally purchased, I went to the shop and papa asks "which book do you want? Kiely, as you said before?"
I-No, BK
PAPA- good book?
The book arrives at the counter and Papa stares at it--"Such a thin one?", he asks. Now you see, people like me claim in total grandiose at the beginning of each sem how we intend to study books by foreign authors even for subjects like Environmental, Organisational Behavior, Production & Op management, etc but by 1st internal, we invariably fall back on these pass books}
13.00---Lunch, then Papa and I pause our bickering (over BK) to watch "Taken". Now a good action packed movie is one of the few things we totally agree upon!
16.00---I continue to watch "What Happens in Vegas" and I fall asleep again, unintentionally this time and wake up at 17.45! I just cant believe I am wasting so much time on my pre-int day!
17.45-1800---I am now tensed into a shock for tomorrow until I receive 3 texts, 2 of them saying "What's the syllabus" and the third- "Not started yet, damn (censored)!". Dear God, bless my friends for keeping me away from getting suicidal!!
18.00-18.30---SO my bling is back on and I prance about the house as usual
18.30---Finally, the scoldings of my parents take effect and I open my book. But what's the syllabus?. I text 6 of my friends about it. I get back 2 replies- "Tell me when you know" and 4 come back, each citing different syllabi!! So I waste 15 more minutes in a mental venn diagram and I finally sit down to study the topics covered in the common intersection region of the 4 different syllabus sample space
{BK is so full of grammatical and spelling errors, I feel like banging my head on my table. Maybe that's a hangover of a convent ed that I am allergic to bad english!}
20.00---I take that BK to Mama for a doubt, her face twists as if I served her Toto's poop on a plate
"Get this book away", she almost screams, "If I read a single line of that, I will forget whatever I have been teaching the past 30 years. How can you even read this?"
I say- Mom, what's with you and papa?? It's ints!! This is enough to pass
Ma-But this is crap, how can you even study this? Half of it is incorrigible! What if you get a question from the very portions you haven't understood?
I say- Simple! I scribble up my handwriting real bad, so ma'am won't be able to read it
2100-2230---DInner,TV, football with Goldy until that one phone call--
Caller- Shit (censored), PSE first sitting
I-Damn, will have to study it now. Was relying on the 2hr gap
I-How the hell do I know?
2245---Finally some brainaic tells me the syll and it is a relief to know most of my close buddies have'nt started yet. Dear god, bless my friends.....I finally start studying, against powerful temptations to shut my book, go to sleep and crash tomorrow (that by the way, is a lingo here..."to crash" means to kidnap a geek classmate, take her/him to a secluded place and extort him/her for a crash course)
2300-2355---Blogging this + half of a wrodlist
2355---I finally start PSE. My brain calculates- 40pages, 8inches by 6.5inches page. 2mins/page. SHould be over by 1.15am max. Then envi. Good enough!
(and now it's crossed 12am and I hail a new day)
0003---Damn. On page 12. The water-cycle diagram, which by the way, is the only user-friendly pic in the whole 1500-paged book, wasted my time. It is horribly drawn....the clouds resemble an upturned egg-carton, the ocean and lake look like hairy tumours hanging down from the soil-skin. So in mute rebel, I set about sketching a it should look, according to me, so that it does not look so gross. And by the time I have finished, I have wasted thrice the time and I have also ended up with a worthless sketch on a tissue-paper that looks like an ornate blueprint of a Monet landscape. Got to buck up!!
0040---People are worse off1 A buddy is downloading the syll from a BPUT website now! Page 22, yelp!!
0119---Enough! The rest can be finished on the bus-ride tomorrow. What next? Music? FB? HIMYM? TV? Pocket Tanks? Damn! Had forgotten about envi!
0145---Coffee, yummy!
0245---Dear Envi, I abhore thee from the core of my being, from the deepest dregs of my heart! I curse thee, soon thou shall be wiped off the face of our course structure and rot in hell! May thou suffer in eternal damnation!
0300---Enough histrionics, I decide to sleep now. I can't do much about Envi anyway, I know my current status of knowledge about it won't cross me past the pass-line, but I am positive that somehow I will pass!! Yep, mom does say I can be obnoxiously optimistic!

ps--I do not have a problem with Envi, I just hate cram-vomit-forget type subjects. Add to it the fact that someone who isn't aware about the dangerous condition of our environment, will hardly learn it by cramming it up with the sole objective of earning marks!

epilogue--I finish PSE before exam, but when I am served the question paper, I regret that I even studied for it--the questions were that easy, even a newbie would score 100% at it. And at the Envi paper, as soon as the invigilator distributes us the paper, my phone vibrates in my pocket. 2 texts, one is "1b n 3 ka answer bata" and the second one is "I am going to flunk". I have similar thoughts as both of the messages. I feel a little upset, mainly because our junis, the 5th semmers have this paper too and it will be real humiliation if I fail in this one and they pass!
But you know why I am such an optimist? Because I know things always sort out well in the end anyway. Same with Envi. Turned out, 1b was a wrong question- 3marks straightaway!! And I have attempted atleast 5marks correctly, so yippee, I have crossed the pass-line
Keep rocking! :)