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Sunday, October 3, 2010


Sorry again for the hiatus. Yep, I have been kind of busy and now there's so much to talk about! My life is seldom boring, Lucky me !!!!!!!!! So I will take on 4 days at a go- 30sept and 1-2-3 Oct.
30 Sept-- of my worst dark forgettable days. I wasn't feeling well- my head was kind of jumbled up and confused and buzzing with some hurtfull thoughts....I guess everyone's personal demons resurface occassionally like that! And I lost it. My temper, I mean. First on a class packed with my branch junis and then on two other junis later on in the day. Thanks to 2 of my friends who took control of it, else I might have ended up embarassing myself yet again! The rest of the day was spent in feeling gloomy about it. I admit it happens to all sometimes, but when I resolved to harness my temper no matter whatever the cause might be (Aug, last year), I had planned to adhere to it. And I am proud to say that I have somewhat suceeded except for incidents like these. Anyways, I shall leave the day here. My sole intention of mentioning it was to keep a reminder to myself of my resolution. Whatever....
1st Oct--- This day was great. When Draup and I put up notices about JOGW last week (that reminds me of a major thing I have to write about!!), we expected it to be a complete failure and people to laugh at us. But somehow a group of awesome people came together to form this awesome "club"--a group that simply rocks and by far, is the best team I have worked in and could ever hope to work with. So the morning went by in sorting the resources with this group (or rather what remained of it--the "kaamchor"(s) had taken off to attend classes, after a long vehement lecture about "sacrificing attendance" for this "noble cause". Hah!). AT about 10.30 I went to attend a conference and the day didn't happen much henceforth. Oh yes, except meeting my internship prof, who somehow managed to smile at me!
2nd Oct--- Happy Birthday Bapu!! Nocollege today which means I got up at about 9, but with a bad cold allergy. And the morning goessneezing and wheezing
In the evening, I go with Papa to get a pic of my countenance (hehe..learnt that word yesterday) so that I can apply for my passport.
After we reach the shop, Papa looks at me and says "You look so messy. You didn't even comb your hair. Didn't you know you were going to have your photo taken?"
I say "Yep, but since I look like that always, I don't mind"
There were a full 5mins of irritating "face-a-little-up", "No-you-made-it-too-up-a-little-down", "Little-to-the-right", "Eyebrows-a-little-up", "Smile-madam" and finally a blinding flash at the end. They dothat twice, by the way! I want to scream- I want a pic for my passport, not my FB profile that you need to try so hard to make me look less-ugly! My pic was considered good enough to be processed further.
You know what? I never use flash when I click people. It highlights every hill and crater on your face and your skin ends up looking like Om Puri's
Same happens with me. But this fat old smiling shopkeeper assures me genially- "Don't worry, we are the photo experts"
And I watch as he opens his photo editor and my craters ans hills disappear. Next my squiggly eyebrows get a shape and the lips go pinker. I--sorry, the stranger girl in the pic gets a new hairline...his mouse somehow tucks in magically every wild unkempt strand into place...even the cheeks start glowing like those girl's in that fairness-cream ad.
And here is when I think it fit to say- "Since the pic is to be put up in my passport, isn't it supposed to look like me? I do not wish to get into tiffs with security!"
The man looks at the pic, then at me and then back to his creation and exclaims-- "No, no! It still looks like you!"
I realised later that a self-respecting normal girl should have hit back right then but at that moment all I could think was- 'Hell! If this pic would have indeed looked like me, well buddy, this Ankita Mohapatra would have made it to Gladrags too!"
3rd Oct---Nothing much. Parents are flying to ajmer today and are dumping me at uncle's house. Sad! I love ajmer but I have missed so many classes in past 10 days for that JOGW thing that further if I dare to bunk, I will definitely flunk! Hey that rhymed!! I am too good, right? LOL! Whatever! Got lots of work so signing off now. Cheerios!