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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Something about Everything!

Hi are lucky. I don't have much to write about today. No! I am not changing: once garrulous, always a garrulous! Just that I have a bad cramp in my neck. How? ab tumse kya chhupaana!!!......Ma had dug up a 10-year-old-back-lost and much-loved pendant from some drawer.......and after I put it around my neck, I wanted to test if it could tolerate stress because its so old ......and so (you got it, eh?).....poised before the mirror, I flexed my neck in every possible direction, quite forgetting it has bones.....and that's when it necklace didn't break, but my neck almost did......:(
I don't know what to write about. I could write about myself and my life, but I am not the open-book type, unless I am with my clique members. Also, there's no fun in a puzzle you know the solution to, right?? :P
Anyway, I hate being a girl sometimes. And sometimes as in right now. Why? Well, our class had planned a nice picnic to a spot 5hours away, near keonjhar......all was well until one of my bros in keonjhar said the spot wasn't safe for"kids", full of drunkards and drug-addicts. And since then, my parents refuted to let me go until a teacher accompanied us. KIDS??? I am 21! I can drive, vote, get a job can I still be a kid? Know what? I am sure if I had been a guy, they would have consented but its because I am a girl that the protectiveness butts in. ~8 years of karate. 3years of unchallenged winner in kumite (fight). How better do I prove that I am good enough to beat up any loafer? The real world is worse and more dangerous, baby. I disagree! If I could survive against that bull Harneet and the shredder Priyanka, I can chop up anyone! (More on the two later). Alas, only I believe that; pragmatic people like my parents don't. And it's true, its not totally a safe world for girls, is it? And you know the reason! Bad bad creatures of the opposite sex. Masochistic, sexist, impudent, insolent beeps!! If papa speeds up and overtakes a guy, nothing happens. If I am alone and speed up and overtake a guy, usually the guy speeds up too, overtakes me and (sometimes) sticks out a thumbs-down to me. Who's racing with you jerk? You aren't even a man! If you were, you wouldn't race with a 75cc with your 150cc.
Anyways, I was doing my sulking-act since morning quite well and as always, papa took me out for a gupchup (aka golgappa aka phuchka aka panipuri) treat in the evening to placate me (yep, gupchup is the best panacea when it comes to me). And then a chuski. Yummy!! Who in their right minds can be angry after that??!! I don't mind being scolded and irked a 1000 times for this make-up treat at the end!!! :):)
but that doesn't mean I am all happy and given up the picnic idea. No, never! Its the last picnic I ever will have with my friends and I am not letting it go. I don't give up easily!! I have something in my mind and if it works.....fingers crossed! Wish me luck!!!!
Ouch. I have to stop. My neck hurts with the cramp. My wisdom tooth still hurts (haven't got my 1st one yet and god, if you are reading this, please do comment and tell me that if someone can live 18years happily with 28 teeth, 4 daant aur ab deke tadpaane ki kyon soojhi aapko? Sadist!!). And my brain hurts coz of the chuski. Need my hot caffeine fix!! So bye
Hey do me a favor. Suggest me some topics to write about. Anything you want to know, barring my too-personal life. Or my opinion about something. Or comment on my blogging, how I can improve it.
See ya!


  1. parents nka katha ur karate kumite skills in US..N abt topics,do elucidate how disobedient amania,abujha u r..

  2. suttup bro, eita tora bhauni-frustratn release spot nuhe :@